Thursday, January 15, 2009

Touchy Touchy Touchy

This is a random outburst which is probably more due on the pressure of my new post than anything. I have calmed down long enough to re-think the situation over and now, the girl mentioned in the story is my friend again and definitely one of the few people I really trust. I like her because she's somewhat a "kid" like me which means we probably think the same, and then we know and are friends with the same people. I just hope this does not happen again.

A girl told me today I'm kuripot because I told her I only offer a small amount for the extra services in the massage parlors I've been to. I really didn't wanna explain because I'm getting extra touchy about the topic and it was getting tiring. At first, I felt affronted. Of course, nobody would like to be called cheap. It took me another couple of minutes to think about it, even accept that it's probably true and then a another minute more to realize that I would feel cheaper if I heedlessly go ahead and pay for these things just because I can. And then I thought about her always ASKING and getting progressively annoying (the reason we were talking about it the first place was because she wanted to know and I only indulged her). I don't know-- maybe, she felt it was always OK to ask any-freakin-time that she wanted to, even if the answers are so obvious or even if the question had already been asked. SO now, on top of her questions, she had to put in HER opinion. I would like to say 'the hell I care' but obviously this rant means I do. Anyway, she crossed a line today and I don't think I would like to answer her anymore.

Fuck I-have-a-kwesch'n and shut up.

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