Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Firm Massage & Spa

It was 2 am and we've finished our beer at Jickong's with Esoy. I needed to withdraw and Avs wanted a burger so we walked, or in Avs' case, limped to BDO which was incidentally in front of McDonald's. We didn't know that McDo and Jollibee were both closed at that particular time of the week so good thing there was Chowking. After Avs got his halo-halo (there was no burger), I encouraged him to go back to the massage parlor we passed by a while ago which was conveniently located along JP Laurel, a major thoroughway where all public transpo passes by.

The massage parlor's name is Firm Massage & Spa. The name's rather uninspired but I guess it doesn't really matter. The entrance of the place's kinda creepy because one had to pass by a lonely hallway on the first floor and go up a stair. However, the parlor itself was great. The girl manning the desk was fortunately very friendly and didn't seem to mind our silly questions(we were tipsy after all). I noticed that the place is cold enough, appropriately dim, smelled nicely with relaxing oils and had a background music that wasn't too loud. I looked through the services they offer and decided to try the combo one. I think it was called Firm Combo and it's a combination of swedish, thai, shiatsu and reflexology in an hour. It costs P250. I was surprised to find out the massage was actually good, even if the masseur sometimes presses too hard (which is very relative, of course). It was so good I actually dozed off twice in the session. Too bad, I wasn't able to get the massaeur's name and I doubt I'd remember his face.

After we paid and went down the flight of stairs, I wondered what if I actually opted for the single-style massages, which was cheaper by P50, would I get the same service? What exactly are the differences between the 4 styles and if they actually bother to change styles if you choose a specific one (or if you don't know any better)? Anyway, I guess that would be something I'd like to check out because I'll definitely be back here for some more self-loving. OR, I'd probably go there between 6am to 5pm as a whole body massage costs only P160- very affordable!

Firm Spa - Main
Door 1&2 Garcia Bldg.
Veloso Cor. Cervantes St., Obrero
Tel # (082) 227-9314

Firm Spa - Bajada Branch
2nd Level Door 1 Gutierrez Bldg.
JP Laurel St., Bajada
Tel # (082) 303-0650

Firm Spa - Lanang Branch
K5 Bldg.
Near the Caltex station, intersection of Bajada and R.Castillo Street in Lanang

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