Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gretchen Barreto in You and Me Against the World

Gretchen Barreto is fabulous with a capital F in You and Me Against the World. Her hosting skills may come across as awkward at times but there's no doubting she's very beautiful (thanks Botox?) and the way the show is setup to spend all to the last cent the 1 million pesos cash prize is nothing short of amazing.

The episode I saw showed her calling a home viewer. The lucky guy sounded groggy, seemingly woken up from deep slumber. He wasn't able to answer her silly question which only checked if he was watching the show from the start but was given 200+ thousand pesos anyway. I say WTF!?! He sounded jubilant but at the same time doubtful that he'd been lucky enough to be electronically drawn and given this much money but he was. (I hope he does, or La Greta will make a tantrum like the infamous story where her credit cards were denied and she snapped "How can the be, we own the bank!")

Here in this third-world country, we need more shows like this one, although not exactly another one like her. :P

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